Hi All, I am trying to export the one of bots from V11 which is using sub task and meta bots as well. I have added all the sub task under the bot dependency menu in the Main task. But I am not able to export the main task is give me error.

  • 23 August 2022
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Error msg:- Bot or dependency is not present in Control Room

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Hi @Shikha Rahangdale​ ,


Please find the below link for your reference.>>



  1. Upload main task from client to control room (assuming all dependences are added and all sub tasks are being called properly)
  2. Then try to export the main task from CR

If you are still not able to export it then probably there is some run task command in any bot which is disabled and the task location is not correct or that task is not available in CR. You might have to find that command delete it and then upload again and export.


Hope this will help

Ikshit Dhawan