Help recognizing the value of a variable on application screen

  • 12 April 2024
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Hi I am looking for any advice on how to get a box to recognize the value of a variable in an application screen that does not render any UI elements or children.

Unfortuntaly, I am not able to use the recorder (Universal or AI Sense) to capture the section of the screen as it will not capture it.  I have also tried to define the section of the screen but AA renders a Define Control error and fails.

If it is possible to find the value of a variable on the screen that would be my best shot.  Grateful for any help.

2 replies

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hey @KHolt ,

Can you please share screenshots.

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Hi @Zaid Chougle 

Here is a screen shot of the capture using AI Sense.  


When I click on the Define button, it renders this error.


My hope is to find a way to have the bot scroll through the list of highlighted items and compare the values to the value in the variable.  Once a match is found, I would like to send a right click to get a pop-up menu to appear.

Thank you.