Hello, We are actively preparing the architecture solution for our migration from v.11 to A360. We have a few questions for which we couldn't find the answers in the online documentation. Thank you for your answers.

  • 26 October 2022
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  1. Can the CR cluster use a network file system as a storage solution? Any reasons not to?
  2. Having a CR cluster planned, does it alter the basic requirements we have seen in the documentation and are there any specific prerequisites? (software, hardware, network)


Documentation used:>>

3 replies

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Cristian, For more information, please go through this article.>

Answers received via chat support.


  1. A NFS can be used for a CR cluster installation on premise.
  2. No change of requirements for a cluster type installation.
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Hello @Cristian Popa​  Following are my responses to your queries.

  1. Yes, NFS/NAS can be used to configure the Server repository location for the CR cluster. The requirement for externalizing the server repository location or a cluster setup is that the repository location should be accessible to all the CR nodes through a UNC path. If we host the repository to one of the CR nodes, the entire environment will be down if that node goes down for any reason.
  2. The High Availability cluster architecture remains the same as v11 for A360. here is the high level architecture for your reference