Hello all, Looking for advice on how best to proceed. When an unattended bot runner vm power cycles, what is the advised method to automate the 'trigger configuration successfully started' action which occurs when logging into the control room?

  • 21 March 2022
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We have some bots triggered via emails. When a vm is power cycled, the control room needs to re-establish a session with the Outlook/email client. Currently, the only way to cause this is a manual login into the control room with the bot runner user. Can we automate this process so the unattended bot runner is fully 'self-healing'? We have automated logins into Windows in place, and automated startup of our Outlook client, we're just missing this one piece. Thank you all!



1 reply

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Yes, control room will initiate a connection as soon as bot agent is up and running.

But if we have set outlook email trigger, we need to manually login and establish a connection so that bot agent can read the same.


You can also use email connect with email server details instead of outlook which will bypass this criteria.>


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