Has anyone had any issues before with recorder capture not working on a open RDP screen?

  • 10 January 2022
  • 4 replies

We run most of our bots on RDP, to make sure bots start correctly we have a virtual machine that watches all our virtual machines during out of office hours. For some reason we get bots that struggle to click buttons when using recorder capture during these hours. Does anyone have a resolution for this?

4 replies

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Hi @Mike Byrne​ ,


This is a very unique case, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>

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Hi @Mike Byrne​ ,


Have you checked Resolution is same for this machines?


Checkout below article for more checks,>

Hi @ChanduMohammad S​ 


Just read through it. This resolution would not fix my issue as the our virtual machines never locks/sleeps. We restart them once a week on the evening when nothings running but they are usually on 24/7. This is why we watch the RDP's using a virtual machine that doesn't opperate outside of business hours.


We can physically see the bot failing but when we connect to the virtual machine the bot is running on it starts working successfully. This is why I'm thinking it's a record capture thing.





Hi, I would like to know if You could fix your problem. I'm having the same fail. @Mike Byrne