Getting the Edge plug-in error, while trying to use recorder to capture the objects

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Hello everyone. I want to use the recorder to capture the objects on Edge browser on Automation 360, but while I try to use it I get the below error: 



What it’s kind surprise, because plug-in was automatically added to browser while installing the Bot Agent and enabled it in the same time. Below are the steps, which I made to solve the problem:

  1. Uninstall the plug-in and install again,
  2. Uninstall and install the Bot Agent,
  3. Change Recorder’s version in package to previous version

Unfortunately this steps doesn’t solve the issue. Please let me know what I could do to figure out this stance.     

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@Weronika.K Is it your personal machine or enterprise machine ?

try uninstall bot agent and install again. 

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@rbkadiyam  it’s my enterprise machine, as I mentioned I tried to reinstall the bot agent, but it doesn’t solve the problem with plug-in error