Getting popup in outlook while reading and sending email by bot using A360.

  • 3 April 2023
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Hi Team,


We are facing an issue in prompting popup to allow or deny in our environment while accessing Outlook email by bot to read and while sending email by bot using A360 Send Email and loop Email using standard Outlook Connection.

Kindly suggest to overcome it in A360 .





3 replies

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@Dinesh Bysani  please follow this link to disable allow and deny

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When following the link above, do yourself a favor and ignore the first two suggestions in the article; they are both idiotic. This is an application setting, has nothing to do with antivirus or the need for a reboot.

If, as I have had some customers state, configuring this setting does not resolve the issue, you just need to add logic into the bot to handle the pop-up like any other.

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@Dinesh Bysani, We are encountering a similar condition with two of our bots. This issue occurs randomly and causes the bots to pause, requiring manual intervention to select the “Allow” button so the bots can continue execution. I talked to our Exchange Admin, and he is hesitant to change to the 3rd setting even though our antivirus definitions are up to date. I am curious to know what you did to resolve this issue at your site (i.e. change the setting, code the bot to handle the pop-up, etc.)


Jason Harper