Getting error AutomationAnywhere.ManagedDLLWrapper has stopped working

  • 8 January 2024
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I am getting an error AutomationAnywhere.ManagedDLLWrapper has stopped working in metabot, which is impacting the migrated BOT. Kindly assist.



4 replies

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Hi @Samadhan ,


If it is only with a particular Bot dependency and you are using any custom DLL, you may need to check the same. 


Otherwise, I would recommend logging a Support ticket with AA for a better resolution. 

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Hi @Samadhan,

Examine the event viewer logs for entries indicating a faulty DLL and its location, focus on logs recorded around the time the error occurred. Note its specific name and folder location.

Locate a working DLL copy:

If you have a backup or a previous version of the DLL that functioned correctly, retrieve it.

Replace the faulty DLL:

Navigate to the directory where the problematic DLL resides, Rename or move the faulty DLL to a safe location as a backup, just in case. Copy the working DLL into the same directory, ensuring it has the exact same name as the original.

Restart the system or application:

For the changes to fully take effect, restart your computer or the specific application that was encountering the error.

Thank you.


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Delete content from cache folder C:\ProgramData\AutomationAnywhere\GlobalCache and try it to run again.

Verify if your antivirus are blocking or recording some actions.

Also check logs in Event Viewer from Windows in the timeframe when error occurs.