Get Table is producing strange results

  • 19 December 2022
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When I use the Get Table command for a table using the Recorder > Capture option in an application called Success Factors I get results that are not visible.  For example, If I have the below one record (my record) in the search results…


I see this one record on the Webpage:


However, the table returned to Automation Anywhere has a bunch of data for employees that are not visible on the webpage.  I realize that the webpage is probably suppressing these in the background but how do I only access the results that are visible?  Seems a little odd…..



Is there some type of property I am missing or can set to only see visible records?



6 replies

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@Matt 7768  - Recorder > Capture → Get Table will give all records in the table. 

if you have any input / id to search specific record from table then use DataTable Filter Action.




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Hi @Matt 7768 ,

It seems to be a bit weird issue.

Try after changing the Object capturing technology within the capture action.

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Hi @Matt 7768 

I’d recommend recapturing the element again, if this is not helping you as @Padmakumar said you can try different technologies and check which is working.

Checkout below documentation to know more,


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Hey @Pradeep Kintali , @Padmakumar , @ChanduMohammad -


Thank you for your insight.  I will work through these different options today and report back my results.  I very much appreciate the insight.  Thank you for taking the time to review my inquiry.

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Welcome @Matt 7768 

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So I was unable to get the table to behave properly.  However, I found a small results label that I was able to capture and then subsequently Split to identify if there was a result or not.  i.e……


Found 1 out of X users



Thanks so much for the suggestions.  I look forward to participating in this community more in the future, especially once I have a little bit more experience with the software.


@Pradeep Kintali - I will definitely use the DataTable Filter option in the future.  Thanks for this useful bit of information.