Get raw data from SOAP response

When using the SOAP command i could receive intended XML response in output variable, however I would also need to read the raw data output/response. May I know how to achieve this using A360 please?

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Hi @Logesh Rammohan​ ,


Automation 360 and even V11 has an XML Package that you can use to interact with XML.

Simply initialize it and then use XPaths to retrieve/update values from it.


Let us know if you have any difficulties with it, and also do provide some sample data so that we can test things from our end.


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Ashwin A.K

Hi Ashwin, Thanks for replying. I guess I should elaborated the question. When i use the SOAP service from SOAP UI tool it's returning the response in XML structure as well as in raw data structure. The SOAP service that I'm consuming will return the binary only in raw data section and not in XML structure. Generally when the service had to return a file, then the binary data will be received in attachment section as well as in raw data section in SOAP UI tool. The XML structure doesn't carry the binary data of the file.




  • Can A360 SOAP action return the raw data response ?


  • Can A360 SOAP action return a file (the binary data) from the SOAP response?
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I think this is a feature request which is still in pipeline and should be available soon.

If the REST package support this feature, you can try calling SOAP API with REST package.