Get last modified subfolder

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Dear community,


I’m trying to get the directory of the last modified subfolders within a folder.



folder directory: C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\test_folder

The folder contains 5 subfolders


  • I therefore first looped through the folder directory with “loop for each folder in folder” action
  • I then added file and folder attribute: folder attributes within the folder and put the output into a dictionary
  • Afterwards I tried to show all the information with a message box. The message to display would be: $dictSubfolders{""}$
  • When trying to visualize the folder attributes, I always get the same error: The field 'content’ must not be null.


I tried to solve it with

on 08:42 min.


There is no naming convention how to get the lastmodified date of all the subfolders.


Thanks for your support!


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Case is solved


Can you elaborate?