Get a specific value from a text file and a XML file

  • 16 October 2023
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Hi guys,

I have two problems


I have an invoice in PDF format.
In addition, I have an Excel list with departments and their abbreviations which should but do not have to appear in this invoice.
The location of the department name in the invoice is not fixed, and can be arbitrary.

Is it possible to match the Excel list against the PDF to get the following condition
Department in Invoice PDF = Department which is stored in SAP;
if no, then replace the department in SAP with the department stored in Excel list. 



I have an XML file from which I need to extract certain values. The values can always be in different places, but always have the same header. 

As an example.

Invoice date must be read out.
Header = StartDateTime

shortly thereafter comes the date that must be read out.

I have a hard time because the data are not always in the same lines and also many unnecessary text between the data and partly in the same lines as the data are.

Do you have an idea how I can filter out the specific values?


Thanks a lot guys!

1 reply

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Hi @Deki,


1 It is possible to update depart in SAP, follow below steps

  1. First store the department data from excel into a list
  2. Extract the department value from SAP
  3. Using PDF package, read the data from pdf, extract the depart from pdf invoice
  4. writhe condition if dept from SAP (not equal) to dept from PDF
    1. take the required value from excel and update to SAP

2 For the second one, it will be better if u share more details like data which you are trying to parse.