Frustration with task's default packages and copy/pasting between tasks

  • 28 April 2023
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I have noticed a persistent annoyance when trying to copy/paste code between tasks. The majority of the time I try to copy code from one task to another, I get the clipboard task version error (see example screenshot below) that prevents pasting and forces you to modify your package versions within the task.




This is frustrating for multiple reasons:

  1. We copy and paste code across tasks all the time. It is necessary to ensure consistent coding practices are followed by members of our bot team, as well as increase efficiency so we are not re-inventing the wheel each time we want our task to perform a familiar function. Therefore, we encounter this issue a lot and it stifles progress and sows frustration among the team.
  2. The risk of loss of functionality from a new package version is very low. Therefore, I do not understand why AA does not automatically update the all task packages to reflect the most current version. It seems to me that the ONLY time we should be selecting package versions is if we have a very very specific reason to use a prior version of a task. Instead, AA does the opposite so we only update packages if there is a reason (such as the copy paste error) see screenshot below.
  3. Basically every time there is a version conflict, it is not just one package with a conflict, its 5-15 packages. The actual mechanics of updating the package versions in a task are incredibly tedious (multiple clicks in multiple places for each package) especially if you extrapolate that across 5-10 tasks that all have outdated packages. If AA will not automatically update our tasks package versions for us, then I think they need to make the package version selection UI much easier to process version changes in batch.


Proposed changes that AA should make, in my opinion, are as follows:

  • Allow a configuration option in the Control Room to automatically update all of the packages in all of the tasks to the latest version of the package.
  • Add functionally in the task’s package version selection page to do a one-click update. E.g. an option/button to “set all packages to the latest version” or “set all packages to automatically stay up to latest version”
  • Similar to the above recommendation, AA should add a button in the Control Room folder view (see screenshot below) that allows you to “update all selected tasks to the most recent package version”. So you could batch select multiple tasks and update every package within those tasks to the latest version all at once.

In my opinion, this is a pretty significant UI/UX deficiency. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Is there a solution to this that I don’t know about? I am greatly curious to hear feedback on this.

4 replies


I am 100% with you Logan and I bet there are numerous others too. We even brought this up when we had a meeting with a AA Product Expert recently. They agreed this is a pain and are already working on it and should hopefully see a fix for it in one of the upcoming releases. 

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@LoganPrice Try this extension 

This will allow you to update packages to default version in bulk. Check the task bots and click Update package version.
Bot Assistant


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Hi Logan,


Can you share the details about the extension, I have added the extension in Google Chrome, but i cant see that in the bot editor?


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@patelmaulesh You can follow this article:

Update extension to latest version from chrome webstore to have package version update feature.