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  • 10 January 2023
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what is meant by form? why we are using in creating a process and benefits of forms?

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Hi @makkena swetha ,


The form builder in Automation 360 enables you to create or edit forms using various form elements available through a browser interface.

Interactive forms are electronic documents that respond to input from a user. They're programmed to ask follow-up questions in order to achieve completeness and accuracy and are most often used to speed up and automate the manual process of mass document preparation


Please check out the link

Interactive Forms in A360

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Hi @makkena swetha 

what is meant by form?

You can corelate A360 forms as Google Forms or Microsoft Forms which has different Form elements like Text Area, Dropdowns, checkboxes etc

why we are using in creating a process and benefits of forms?

if you want to take inputs from the Human you can use Forms in AARI process

Checkout detailed documentation to know more.

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@makkena swetha  suppose u wanted to input some data for bot in attneded mode these forms will help you to pass that data during run time like web application …

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Hi @makkena swetha ,

Forms are a gateway for users like you and me to interact with the automation.
People are usually scared of automations - thinking it will bite their hand off if they get too close.

Then again, this is something the client does when the automation fails, so the fear is real.

Why Forms?
Because there are tasks that require your intelligence - no matter how little it may be(huhuhu)
The bot takes care of stuff that is boring, repetitive and requires little to no intelligence other than a bit of conditional logic, while only consulting you when there are decisions only you should take - something like an approval flow.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve written a 3 part series on this which you can check out from the link below:

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K