Format for PEG customer provided certificates. I'm providing openSSL cert but get an error.

  • 24 October 2022
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While installing PEG the verification script for the certificates is giving me some errors.... Can you please help or advise me on what to do?


I tried the two formats recommended (openssl or PKCS #8)


Validating /peg_v/certs/analytics-cert.pem and /peg_v/keys/analytics-key.pem

***ERROR! /peg_v/certs/analytics-cert.pem domain, , does not match expected domain,!***

At least one of these has incorrect values: /peg_v/certs/analytics-cert.pem, /home/peguser/.kudzu/apex_domain.txt, /home/peguser/.kudzu/appliance.txt


Enter pass phrase for /peg_v/keys/analytics-key.pem:

***ERROR! /peg_v/certs/analytics-cert.pem and /peg_v/keys/analytics-key.pem are not valid pairs!***

/peg_v/certs/analytics-cert.pem md5 = (stdin)= a9cbb460c4996cf1af1a84e9f4d1a3b0

/peg_v/keys/analytics-key.pem md5 = (stdin)= 5d27f1f96bb6f7b1c97e5c63b3b9a12e

1 reply

By trial and error we figured out the right combination... the "Root chain" needs to be removed from the cert.