Folder not found in mailbox

  • 30 April 2024
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I get an error while running my bot, I get Folder not found. Manualy the folder exists. Is it a problem in outlook configuration or access permission 

5 replies

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@FatimaEzzahra could you please share screenshot of the code where you have mail loop?


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Chack field Optional in loop command.


Optional: Specify the folder from which you want to retrieve the emails.

Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo: You can specify the name of the folder.

For example, Inbox, Sent, Inbox/Sales, Inbox/IT and so on. The Sales and IT folders in this example are user-created folders and not available by default.



To retrieve emails from the default folders, you must use [Gmail]/FOLDER , except for the Inbox folder.

For example, [Gmail]/Draft, [Gmail]/Important, [Gmail]/Trash, and so on.


To retrieve emails from the folders you have created or the Inbox folder, you must specify the folder names as they are.

For example, if you have created folders called Bank and Sports in your Gmail, specify Bank and Sports without the [Gmail] prefix to retrieve emails from these folders.

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Always Folder name start from INBOX



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Hi @Ganesh Bhat 


My folder structure in the outlook is Inbox/BotProcessed. I want to move the email from Inbox to Bot Processed folder. If use the move command with in the loop from the mail package I'm getting an error like Folder not found in the mail box. 

Thanks in Advance.