File Trigger works most of the time, not sure if something is timing out, or if its a vm setting.

  • 10 February 2022
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I have a vm botrunner with a onedrive synced folder, if a file is dropped in this folder, the bot should be triggered to run.


I remote into vm and boot up control room to make sure trigger event is active.


I can successfully get the bot to trigger even if vm is unlocked, locked, connected, or disconnected. All appeared to be working, so I disconnect from vm for the day(not sign out).


The next day, first thing in the morning, I dropped another file on the folder to see if it would trigger, it did not trigger.


I'm new to this, did it not trigger because of a session timeout? Am I missing something else? Please help, thanks

9 replies

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Triggering is only supported for attended automation (don't shoot the messenger, just explaining how it currently works).


The only way triggering can work is if that bot runner user is logged in to the Control Room via the web UI FIRST before the trigger is "active" in order to run.


If you believe that triggering should work as a feature of unattended automation, please share that feedback and I'm happy to re-iterate that with the product team.


As an alternative in the meantime, I might suggest scheduling the bot to run every X amount of time to check for files in the directory you're attempting to this way, you don't tie up a bot runner with scanning that directory all day, and you can still schedule/run other stuff on the same runner.

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Hi Micah,


This is a common use case where customers drop file into a shard/onedrive folder and a bot getting triggered in an unattended fashion and consuming the file. We should take this to our PM team and get this feature included in future releases.

@Eric Sullivan​ I have dealt with the same issue and went bonkers with troubleshooting. After much back and forth with AA support, it eventually ended up with the understanding that the VM "apparently" does not lock and that we'd have to use their suggested solution of a batch file to lock-and-disconnect the VM, although I disagree with them. You could try.>

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Thank you Micah and Nidhin, this would be a great feature to have in the future.


I see this answer was posted 7 months back. Is it still the case that trigger is only supported for attended automation?

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Still the case as of right now - I've raised it up with the product team and they're aware of the limitation. In the meantime, your best other approach may be a python script that continuously executes on a machine at startup monitoring a network share for files...sleeping for X amount of time between checks

Thanks Micah

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@Micah.Smith We are unable to pass variables in file paths while using trigger. is there any work around for this.

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This is a year old thread @RajeshS106234 - Triggering today works differently than triggering did over a year ago. I’d recommend opening a support ticket if there’s functionality that isn’t working for you - and the team there can work with you on a resolution