File input works in private on my laptop, but fails with the runner

  • 26 March 2024
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Hi everyone,


I have created a bot that takes a CSV file as input and proceeds it. It succeeds when I give it a CSV file and run it on my local device.

When I set it in an AARI process and publish it, I get the error Supported file extensions for 'filePath' are 'csv,txt,tsv' Location: FACTURES_FormatageCSV (line 8)


The file is exactly the same and the AARI task is the simplest possible.


Does anyone have a clue about that ?


Update : the error is the same whether I choose File upload storage to be AARI Storage or Document Workspace Storage


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1 reply

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I have found the solution, it is quite counter-intuitive : you have to use the Process Composer package to get the file, because in fact you only get a path/identifier of the file, not the file itself, as input.

See that screenshot of a working solution: