Field 'content' must not be null. error message shows while calling simple get api. Can anyone provide the solution please. Thanks for your help in advance.

  • 4 October 2022
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The error messageGetting an error message while testing simple get API method

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Hi @Srinivasan Sundaramoorthy​ ,


Have you tested this API in postman? If possible can you check in Headers/Query parameters/Body of the API's are not missed

Thank you for the response. As advised have tested the API in postman i was able to get the response. Please find the postman results Postman results

BOT to call API

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Hi @Srinivasan Sundaramoorthy​ 


Can you pass the required Header's in A360 Rest Web Services get Method command and give a try?


Add headers and allocate the JSON response to a dictionary variable.

thereafter in the message box try “$variable{body}$”

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Any updates on this??

@srini have you got the solution.