Failed to Initialize Automation Anywhere Object

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I am new to this forum discussion and now facing an issue when  trying  to initialize the Automation Anywhere object in my automation script. The error  I'm getting is like  "Failed to Initialize Automation Anywhere Object." 

I am using Windows 10 machine with Automation Anywhere Enterprise client installed. I'm also writing my automation script in Python using the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Python Client Library.


You can check below Initialization Code Snippet as

from aae_client import Client


client = Client(







aa_object = client.aa_object()


When I try to run the script, it stop working  at the line where I am trying  to initialize the Automation Anywhere object (aa_object = client.aa_object()). The error message, as mentioned above , simply shows : "Failed to Initialize Automation Anywhere Object."

I have confirmed  that the Control Room URL, username, and password provided are correct. Also  verified that the Automation Anywhere Enterprise client is installed  and working properly on my machine. I have rechecked  network issues or firewall restrictions that could block the connection to the Control Room. 

I have already checked for reference purpose but haven't found a solution.


Even after taking all these efforts, I'm still not able  to resolve the issue. Any help or suggestions on how to resolve it further would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your suggestions !


Thank you



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