Extract excel rows using excel advanced package

  • 11 September 2022
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Hi Guys,


I have an excel where for some records status column says 'Matched' and for other records the status column is blank.


I tried the excel advanced package loop commands & inside loop for each row in excel advanced sheet I am putting an if cond. like below :


if(Status not equal to 'Matched') then log to file those records for which this if condition satisfies.


Instead, it is logging all the records irrespective of the if condition. I tried the same using excel as DB queries (select * from [Sheet1$$] where Status<>'Matched') still it is giving the same results.


Please correct me if I am ignoring any other logic.


Thanks in advanced for any help/suggestion

2 replies

change the condition to be not include may be it have space

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Hi @Abhishek Mishra​ ,


Could you try using the inline operation :String.trim and uncheck the box for Match Case?



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K