Exporting filtered records as a variable or data table (for parent-child relationship)

  • 13 June 2023
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I have a situation where I have an Excel file, and I want to do the following: I need to iterate through a parent record (on the "Parent" sheet), do an action, and then iterate through each of its corresponding child record(s) (on the "Child" sheet), and do an action. See attachment for the Excel example.

In order to accomplish this, I could do a loop through all the records within the Child sheet, and then do an IF statement (if the Parent ID in the Child sheet is equal to the iterator for the parent loop), but that seems really inefficient if I have a lot of data.

Instead, I was thinking that I could filter in Excel the Child sheet by the Parent ID, export the results as a variable or data table, and then iterate through that subset without the need of iterating through the whole sheet via IF statements. However, I couldn't find such a way to do that.

What is the best practice for this type of situation?

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What is the expected Output?


We need to use join in datatable.



Aravindh S