Excel as DB - Any ways to select a column name with a dot

  • 10 June 2022
  • 3 replies

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Hi Experts,


I'm extracting some columns by connecting to excel as DB.


Select [Vendor name],[Value obj. currency],[Order] from [Sheet1] - This query isn't working due to the column name - Value in Obj. Crcy .. It throws invalid bracketing of name error .. Are there any ways to solve this without changing the column name? Pls suggest

3 replies

@Ishwarya Kalidoss​  Try Select * from [Sheet1$$] instead, and export data to csv with Export data with Header - check ON, check the header it generates in csv, (seems like . converts to # here)

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Thanks for your response. I'm trying to extract to a data table and tried Select [Vendor name],[Value obj# currency],[Order] from [Sheet1] replacing . with # but that dint work too.. Not sure about the SQL syntax to fetch such columns with a . in its name



you should use SELECT [Vendor name],[Value obj# currency],[Order] FROM [Sheet1$$]

there should be two $$ after the sheet name