Excel as Database issue

  • 25 January 2023
  • 2 replies


When I am connecting excel as a database, the no.of characters in my excel columns when exceeding a certain limit gets truncated in my excel file. Is there any limitation in regards to characters or any exact count which should be maintained? Or is there any format like based on first n rows of excel file, the no.of characters are limited for others rows as well ?

2 replies

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@Shannon.F  I believe column name / header should not greater than 64 characters… but the values no limitation

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My Observation on this- If we try to insert text using Excel as DB with more than 255 characters in a cell, it will fail or truncate. Workaround to this is to insert long text in any cell above the current one (in same column) say 1000 characters then we are able to insert upto that many characters in any cell below that.