Excel as a Database issue

  • 11 January 2023
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Hi team,


I am having an excel in that one column having data like below , I am using Excel as a database to read the each cell. The issue is the 1st two cell it will read correctly but failed to read 3rd and 4th cell. It is showing blank when I display in message box. 

I am suspecting due to “  - “ in between the two number its reads blank. Does anyone having idea? please help I need to use excel as DB here only



3 replies

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@VikkiS04  you have to define data type / value type is string/ text i order to fetch whole value, if it integer you will get null as you mentioned for row 3 and row 4

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Hi @rbkadiyam 
Thanks for your reply. 
Where I have to define the data type as string or text in the  Excel file which I am using as Input or in the DB connecting string ?

Please suggest. 

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Hi @VikkiS04 ,


You can include IMEX=1 in your connection string which is always a safer way to retrieve data for mixed data columns.