Excel Advance: Find action on long number value

  • 11 December 2023
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I think there is possible bug with excel advance package. When “Excel Advance: Find” action is performed on the excel column which has long number values the bot doesn’t find the value.

The excel changes the format of the long number value to exponent format. If we try manually doing find, we will be able to find the value, But when performed through “Find” command the bot doesn’t recognize the value and returns empty output.

Has anyone encountered this anytime?

1 reply

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Hi @Abhay Naik ,


I have also encountered with the same in one of my projects. Till now, the same issue is there with both Excel Basic & Advanced packages. As a workaround, I converted the number format from Scientific to Number to tackle this problem.


A360 is reading data as it is showing in the Cell and not the Cell contents (Even though, this option is available to choose within the Find action) during the comparison.