• 25 June 2024
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The excel worksheet contains any/all of the following: - Empty header(s) - Duplicate header name(s) - Invalid cell ranges. i am facing this issue after run the bot.give me solution so many times its came this error.

2 replies

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Please try with Excel Open Action→ Sheet Contains Header--enable


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Hi venkythogati8270,


When we are working with excel actions especially when Header is enabled, it is very crucial to understand the excel header.

  1. Please check is there any hidden columns in excel file where header is empty.
  2. Please check the header names and confirm there are no duplicate names.
  3. If still you face the same issue, try to automate without header by using column indexes.

It would be great if you can share the excel header snippet making the sensitive values as blur. so that it will be easy to provide the solution.



Hemantha Pindra