Events will not reconcile

  • 25 October 2022
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I have two workspaces that will not run anything, schedules just queue up and never kick off. I can see in the node manager logs that each machine has a similar problem - there is an event that cannot reconcile. I believe these were bots that were running, crashed for whatever reason, and then the tokens expired. Now, the events continually try to reconcile but cannot.


My question is, how do I clear these events so that bots can run?


This is the message I see in the Node manager where it fails to reconcile:

message: "{\"code\":\"UM1111\",\"details\":\"To be safe, we logged you out. Please login again.\",\"message\":\"Your session expired\"}"

4 replies

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Hi @Maggie Williams​ ,


The bot execution timeout is dependent on the bot itself and the action at which it is stuck.


For example, if you're using a recorder on a web app, there's a time limit you can set that determines how long the bot should wait for the page to load, the default is 15s but this value is programmable. Similarly, I believe the default value for a bot to timeout when stuck is 15-20 seconds if it is unable to perform the programmed actions.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing here.


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Hi, no, that does not answer the question.

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Posting the solution after meeting with AA support - reference this article and follow instructions:


basically- solution is to clear the stuck event from the control room database.