Errors in DEV VMs

  • 2 October 2023
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Just curious if anyone else is seeing this. We began seeing this issue a couple of months ago, and it is affecting all of my devs. During development, they all have the Control Room open on their main machine, and use a VM for running the code. Lately, whenever we try to use recorder, we get the following error:



This happens on all of our devs’ VMs, regardless of browser, and every single time (after the first time) they use the Recorder. We have uninstalled/reinstalled Bot Agent, and gone through the normal troubleshooting. I do notice this does not occur when launching Control Room inside the VM, but that is not idea for development either. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this before I open another ticket with support.


Edit: I forgot to state that this error will come up 3 or 4 times after clicking Capture Object button. Even if we cancel with capture, it continues to pop up.


2 replies

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Hi @J.Logan,

Can you please disable the Automation Anywhere Chrome extension in Microsoft Edge, and leave only the Automation Anywhere Edge extension enabled? Having both extensions installed and enabled can cause runtime errors.

Also Ensure the Automation Anywhere Google Chrome extension you are using corresponds with the Recorder package version in your bots.

Hope this helps!

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@ravi.pothana Thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean “disable the Chrome Extension in Edge”. I see the Edge extension in Edge, and the Chrome extension in Chrome. I see this as an issue both when we are developing with Edge and when we are developing against Chrome, but currently I am trying to develop against Edge. Both extensions are up to date.

If you are suggesting disabling the Chrome extension whenever we are working in Edge, this brings up an additional problem, one which I have gone round and round with support on (last one was support case 01922885). In essence, the Chrome extension is installed with a policy, so you cannot disable it (not with Admin rights, or even running as System). Why this is being done, when it is not done on the Edge extension, I have yet to get an answer for.

The only workaround the AA engineer and I found was completely uninstalling and reinstalling the bot agent and choosing not to install the extension. Obviously, expecting every developer to do this every time they switch browsers, or insisting they have one dev machine solely for Edge, and one solely for Chrome, makes zero sense.