Error: Unable to find any open session 'Default';

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i recived error about: Unable to find any open session 'Default';


Can you help me to find a solution please... i dont why this error appear... i have set the session name like: Default


Can you help me please... I am making a tutorial step by step like the video tutorial but I dont know why I receive this error


Thanks for your comments

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I assume you have action from the Excel Advanced package in Line 8. Before you do this action, you will have to use an action called Excel Open and enter the word Default in the Session name. Please let me know if it doesn't help and share a screenshot of the action in Line 8.Excel session issue

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Dear @Arjun Meda​ thanks for your time and kind help. I will check and try to apply that you said and I will let know you, if it's wroks.


Thanks! 🙌

The solution you gave @arjun.meda (Automation Anywhere Inc) does not seem to work.

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@Alpha Tshibangu​  Could you please share a screenshot of your bot code?

Do you see the same session name in the Excel Open action and the other actions you have used from the Excel package?

Your advice ended up working! Thank you 🙂

Hello Arjun,


I did the above method but I faced the same error:



Can you help me please?

I had the same problem, try to use only Excel advanced or only Excel basic in your bot. It worked for me.

Hi Arjun, I'm having the same error. Used only Excel advanced and Local Session: Default. Please help. Thanks much.Screenshot 2022-08-25 135659

I am having the same error for a excel advance close command.image

I am having the same error as well 😞 .....Please help !!