Error Result From PDF Extract

  • 24 January 2022
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Hi All,


I am using PDF - Extract Text to pull some information from the PDF, but I'm getting some error text as below:


 Screenshot 2022-01-24 230934 

The capture area is clear without any sort of other text interfering.


Screenshot 2022-01-24 231139 

The size of this file as below:


Screenshot 2022-01-24 231423 

Is there some setting that need to changed to get correct result?



Thank you.



6 replies

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Hi @Farah​ ,


Can you try with IQBOT for data extraction?

hi @Farah​ 


If these PDF's are native and same format then you can use PDF package. Use Extract Text , Extract field command to achieve the output.

imageIf its a scanned one or low Resolution then I would suggest please go with IQ bot.


Thanks ,


Hi ChanduMohammad,


Not yet. Then I will try to use IQBOT.


Thanks for the info.

Hi AM,


Thanks for the info.

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Welcome @Farah​ 

Hi @Farah​ ,


*One approach is with open program file open pdf and with Keystrokes CtrlA+CtrlC Copy to clipboard and extract the data with string operations

*Another approach is by using Extract text save pdf data into text file and extract details from text file.