Email connect command for multiple inboxes

  • 23 April 2024
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How can i write optimize the code for below use case:


  1. I have 40  different email accounts setup in outlook
  2. I have to go to each email account’s Inbox and  read the email
  3. There can be combination of 40 Inboxes and each inbox having 40 emails to read.


Note i know i can drag “Email connect  “ command 40 times but that leads to increase the line of code .Is there any method which can reduce the line of code. ( like use of Global variable etc.)


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You wouldn’t be able to use Outlook in the connect, as that is using the primary profile for the user running the bot.

You’d have to run the Connect and Disconnect via a Loop action (List, CSV, Excel) that contains the different usernames and passwords, then pass those into the bot and the Connect action using “Insecure String” option for the two variables.