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  • 14 September 2023
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I have a scenario where I want to do some data extraction activity in website but for each login the link is getting changed. when i use recorder to capture, for that perticular login only it will work not for all login. please help me out in this.

4 replies

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Hi @nisargak ,

Please try the wild cards to handle the dynamic sites.

Enter a wildcard character (*) in the window title field to search for window titles that can change.

You can specify one or more wildcards (*) at the start, middle, or end of the value.

For example, to perform an operation on any window that has Microsoft in the title, use a wildcard to indicate any string by adding it before or after the value: *Microsoft*.

The bot first searches for the exact window title (Microsoft), and if it does not find a match, it searches for windows with the term Microsoft anywhere in the title


Automate website with Dynamic XPath using A2019

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Thank you


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I think When we use capture command we need to change the object properties in link such as Html FramSrc and Html Href, Then only any capture button work for each login beacuse the url is what changing am i right


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Yes, you’re right.