Downgrading to v2 Chrome plugin is giving inconsistent results

  • 28 October 2022
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We're on the cloud offering of AA360 - and with the latest update to our cloud servers (.26 which pushed the v3 chrome plugin) some of our bots that rely on screen record/capture fail.

The solution presented to us was to down grade our Chrome plugin to v2 as outlined here:>


The problem I am seeing is - I've done this, but when I go into Chrome developer tools - the click applications, and then service workers then see all registrations, I don't see the chrome extension ID I expect to see: 'kamm...(v2)', but instead I see 'bboc...(v3)'.


So our bots that rely on communicating with chrome are failing with an HRESULT type error. But I've reinstalled the v2 chrome plugin under the account the bot runs on, and confirmed the v3 agent is disabled. There needs to be clearer explanation around what they mean by chrome profiles - and how to ensure v2 plugin is available and working. So far, using dev tools it appears to not be working, even though I see it clearly installed (and the AAChromeBotAgent.json file is referencing the v2 pluging (kamm...))



1 reply

bit of follow up in case anyone else is struggling with this.

It looks like the web dev tools thing is a bit of a red herring. V2 _is_ installed. We confirmed with AA support. Furthermore, it appears V3 is fine, and isn't introducing any regressions with our bot. We will probably stick with v3 as it's current.