Documentation of Automation 360

  • 14 November 2022
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Trying to download document (pdf) for Automation 360 since few days but can't download it. Also waited for 2-3 hrs to download document but it didn't. Link:

5 replies

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Hi @Samarth S​ ,


I believe you've verified the validator page. If not please check the validator.

Sometimes the document has been sent to the validator for manual intervention


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Hi @Samarth S​ ,


Are you trying to download the Automation 360 documentation in PDF format?

If so, then please refer this link.


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Pls elaborate about validator page.

Hi, link you have mentioned is limited to on premises only ? Screenshot of link mentioned in my query is attached.

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Documents that fail automated processing rules or have field values failing because of low optical character recognition (OCR) confidence are pushed into a folder to be reviewed and fixed manually. Manual review is time-consuming and complex because it requires navigating to the correct folder and scripting knowledge (done in a CSV file) to fix the document.


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