Document Extraction with Document AI NOT WORKING

  • 12 September 2022
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I'm doing some testing with Document Automation (using a GCP Document AI processor with the Document Extraction package) and definitely it's not working (see screenshot). Anyone can help here?


PD: I'm using my service account private key and the endpoint of the processor using the correct format. Document Extraction is giving me this error all the time:


bot screenshotPD2: Google Document AI package is working fine

1 reply

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@Andoni Aguirre Aranguren​ :


We have a know limitation in .25 where we cannot use the Document extraction package in our custom bot which will be fixed in .26. We need to key in the details of Google AI Doc processor in the bot which was created by the Document automation which is available under Document Automation/<Learning Instance name>/<Learning_instance_name_Extraction_bot.


if you are still have any furher questions then please create a support case


How to create a support case :


if you don't have access to the above link, email the AA Support team "" to get access.