Document Automation - User trained not working for me

  • 7 November 2022
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Step 1: Created a learning instance(User trained) for Identity Card

Step 2: Process documents - Here i uploaded a sizeable number of samples and tried to train the model.   yet it is not processing the document


I need help/support here why it is not working. 


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2 replies

Thank you for response. I have few more questions where clarity is needed


1) what should be the sample size in order to train the bot


2) Suppose there is no label for some fields in document. In such scenario, how to train the bot. For example, there is no labels defined for Name, UUID in Aadhar card. However, some fields have labels like DOB.


3) when I upload more no of documents, I am facing space constraints issue. I cannot upload new documents until admin moves them to recycle bin. if it is moved to recycle bin, does it still count as training for bot. I am using enterprise trail version



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Hi @Prabakar Duraisamy​ ,


Once you have uploaded the document that moved to the validator screen (Please check that). During the validation, you can train the document as well.>>