DistributedCOM error logs in Event Viewer - System

  • 7 March 2023
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I am running a bot (unattended) within a VM and the following error pops on a regular basis:

Bot Launcher for user session botprodrunner005 crashed.Last recorded command delay at line number 92.” (Sometimes the error line is 90)

These lines are recorder actions (version 2.4) that use Microsoft Active Accessibility technology (they click on some SAP popup for allowing a file download)


I have checked within the Event Viewer the System logs and by the time the bot runs there are several DistributedCOM error entries



Are you familiar with this? I have updated the recorder package to latest version (2.9.2) and it seems that this issue occurs no more

1 reply

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Hi @Andoni ,


There are n number of reasons why this could happen. Refer this article for further information on this.