Device is disconnected after bot execution fails . I cannot able to delete/reconnect to device because it is showing cannot delete device it is part of bot deployment. And also have progress execution issue in inprogress activity.

  • 24 September 2022
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4 replies



Got the issue resolved with support engineer.


Follow the link below

Then delete the device and re-registered the device. 

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Hi @sandhya Tirumanadham​ ,


Please check out the below links,


Follow below steps

1) Go to devices - remove the device which is listed

2) now try to Add device (by clicking 1st icon on table - Add Local Device)

3) Restart the BOT AGENT from services


How to fix this? System allows only a single device to be


Automation anywhere Solve error : System Allows only single ...


does this work in community edition


Yes it does i have done the same on the community edition