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  • 13 December 2022
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I am getting below error while trying to create folder in google drive.

please help


No Folder Found for: '2022 11:35:16'



6 replies

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Hi @Deenadayalu 


Hope you are given the Parent [Name where folder is to be created \\ne.g. \\"Root\\" (for root folder) or MyFolder/MyFolder] and then Folder Name [e.g Folder or UserFolder]?

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Yes I have given the folder ID instead of root path file.

I have to mention another point the folder is created as but code run struck at this point.

Folder is created based on date & time of the system.

So I am confused that folder is created but why it is finding the folder path again.




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Hi @Deenadayalu 

What happen if you replace the symbols “:” with blank spaces  in the folder name? 



Sorry for the delay response, issue like it’s not able to create folder name using this symbol. 

\ / : * ? “ < > |

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Hi @chinni 2324 

Can you try avoiding above symbols as part of Folder Names?

Special characters are not allowed as part of the file name under the Windows file system:


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@Deenadayalu  can you paste the code between 75 to 80  ?