Details regarding the deployment of an attended automation bot to run simultaneously by 5 (or more) users?

  • 1 April 2022
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Hi AA team,


I'm new to attended automation (also relatively new to A360), so I have the following scenario:


An attended automation bot is created (to my understanding: it resides in the control room): and let's I want 5 employees to be able to use this bot simultaneously, 

- what exactly would be required on the desktops of those 5 employees? (in addition to Bot Agent installation and Bot runner license)

- would there be any conflict on the control room if the same package is being run on all desktops simultaneously? 

- or is the package downloaded locally on the desktops of those employees?

- How would each user actually start the bot - without using AARI?  

1 reply

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Hello @Susan Gross​ ,


This is Dhwanit Parekh from Automation Anywhere Technical Support Team.

Please find the answers below.


  • Apart from installing Bot Agent and having Bot Runner license, there is nothing else from Automation Anywhere application point of view. You would then need all of your application that is being automated like excel, office, etc.
  • There wouldn't be any conflict to run same bot on different bot runners simultaneously as long as device is connected and available to accept bot execution. And yes, Control Room will push the package to bor runner device and bot execution then happen locally, if you choose "Regular" option for bot deployment. (Auto Login approach for bot deployment)>>>



  • User can opt for local bot execution, on the device itself, provided that they have permission on the bot and permission to execute it as a bot creator.>>



Hope this helps.

Additionally, please refer to below articles for use cases of Attended automations.>>




Dhwanit Parekh