Deploy API with JSON Input

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I am working on deploying the bot via control room API  and i want to pass the below sample JSON as an input for the Bot , How can this be done , please advise


  "incident": {
    "number": "INC",
    "sys_id": "882d05651b8ba8",
    "description": "Seff",
    "inc_created": "2022-05-26 12:41:36",
    "sys_id": "164bcbd0",
    "incident_sys_id": "",
    "name": "09eb81",
    "network_name": "GDL_N_T16C",
    "manufacturer": "Neec",
    "del": "MDM0",
    "addr": "1033",
    "lat": null,
    "long": null,
    "grp": "OpC",
    "grp_sys_id": "a6a25f30d4cd34bcb89"

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