Delete or Move a Queue Task

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I need the ability to either 1) move a queued task from server 1 over to server 2, or 2) the ability to deleted a queued task from the server.

I’m actually surprised that a task needs to be active before any kind of action can be done on it. But I really could benefit from the above two mentioned capabilities. I had a need to rerun an overnight task that runs for 7/8 hours. However, it will now run for 14+ hours during the day. My daily scheduled tasks for that server have backed up. But I cannot remove them because the control room does not provide that functionality.

If someone can correct me on that, that would be much appreciated. But if the control room cannot move or remove a queued task, I would like that to be a feature request. The RPA market has matured to the point where full fledge mainframe-like job admin abilities are needed.

Thanks for your time and consideration, dvn

I should probably describe my environment. We have two job runners, each running on two separate servers. We do not have them setup as a farm. 


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It may be helpful to start a support ticket by contacting

I understand you’re referring to the “queue” on the bot runner, not a WLM queue? 

Once a bot has been deployed to a Bot Runner device, it will either run (if the BR isn’t busy) or queue and be ran automatically after the first bot ends. 
For longer running process, you may want to look at how you’re deploying and sending bots if the runtime is excessive. 
You should be able to see the status of a deployed task in the control room, and stop it. Then send it to an available bot runner. There is no facility to shift tasks that have been sent to a bot runner, to my knowledge.


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It’s not the running tasks that I need to manipulate. It is the tasks queue up behind the running task. We should have the ability to move the queued tasks to a different server(s) and make use of their free resources.

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Once they’ve been deployed to a bot runner, the bot deployed is shifted to the bot runner and monitored by the Control Room. If your role has the necessary permissions, you can go to the Activity>In Process and manage the pending task. 
Then you can deploy to a Bot Runner that’s not busy with the queued task.

See this article on the Activity screens.