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  • 29 September 2023
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Hi All, Long story short, bot should upload and processes a file in an application and it takes around 30-60 mins to generate an output file. I cannot let other jobs to wait until it generates an output file and get it placed in BUs folder post processing. Can you please suggest how I could defer bot to check if file exists after sometime, instead of wait or delay action? Thanks 

2 replies

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How the application creating the excel , is it processing as bulk or record by record ? See if you have any option available in your organization to extract using API or writing to SQL


You can use the ‘v1/schedule/automations’ API to schedule a 1 off run of a bot to check your file has been created… i schedule bots to check if an account exists 20 minutes after an account has been created in AD, this is to allow for replication… then the bot runner is no blocked by the bot running, and once the schedule has run, it deletes itself.