Dear Experts, I need support on how to use the loop statement to capture multiple text from a table column on a website - I need to capture and use one text at a time. Below is the image of the column I need to get the text from. Thanks.

  • 11 March 2022
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image to capture text from

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Hi @Kwabena Sefah​ ,


Are you able to Capture the Entire Table?

If so, you can Loop through it once you are done capturing it.


If you are unable to capture it, then you will have to navigate through each item using XPaths.

Listed below is a series of Articles I have penned on the subject, I hope you find it resourceful.



Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for your feedback.

My issue is that I do no want to capture the text from the site as a table but I need to capture the data in the column one at a time to use them each time for determining the next steps in the execution until the end. So I am not sure how to have a loop that will enable me to capture each data in the column, execute the steps and come back to the site to capture the next item, then execute the steps until all the items in that column on the site are each captured and the steps executed.

This is my challenge.


Thank you.