dealing with a fault in SAP

  • 20 May 2022
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I am running AA to run SAP to perform an inventory count entry function. The bot works great until it hits a problem. (A little backstory, my company refuses to turn on SAP scripting so I am having to use window recognition and keystroke to use "backdoor" SAP) The issue is that after you enter the needed criteria into the window a message will pop up either saying "good job" or "That didn't work" (I am paraphrasing). The window is named the same either way so I can't differentiate between the two by looking for active window and then perform keystroke. The only difference in the two is the message they display. What if condition can I use in AA to look at, and recognize the message so I can move forward?

1 reply

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Hi @dean mcghee​ 


As the window names are the same, you can try to perform Image Recognition or OCR against the currently active window and then compare the output with the "good job" result and "That didn't work" result.


I hope that answers the question