Data Table: Join - how do I name the column names?

  • 9 August 2022
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I am trying to join two tables and I cannot name the columns correctly. I have checked the underlying CSV files to ensure that the column headings are correct and matched my Action specifications accordingly, but I still get a bot error stating:


""Cannot find column with name [insert col name here]" in data table. Please check whether the column name is valid. If the problem persists""


Am I missing something?


I first read a CSV to a table variable. The CSV has headers. Then I join that table to another table with the same situation.


I think I am just missing something that is implicitly understood about the way A360 wants me to do this.


Any help is appreciated!

2 replies

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@Logan Price​ Have you checked the box "Contains header" for "CSV/TXT: Open" action ?

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Nope - that solved the issue. Thank you!