Data Table action: Write to file

  • 5 July 2024
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I am trying to write a table to a csv file, but the contents of each row are being stored in a single cell. I’m using “Data Table action: Write to file”. Does anyone know how to fix this?





Best answer by Maria 4095 5 July 2024, 19:14

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I have a couple of suggestions:

The simplest solution is to save the destination file with “.csv” extension, if you’re not already.

If you must save the destination file with “.txt” and use Excel, you can use the Text Import Wizard in Excel. Otherwise, it doesn’t appear there is another way to do this in Automation Anywhere except for the Excel “Save As” action, but once again it would need a “.csv” extension.

To open the Text Import Wizard in Excel, select the entire column and then go to Data > Text to Columns.