Custom Package: Get Values of All Existing Task Variables

  • 3 November 2022
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I want to create a custom package which retrieves a list of all of the existing variables (System and User-Defined) and compiles them into a csv.


My question is this: how do I reference a task variable WITHOUT requiring that variable as input?

2 replies

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@Logan Price​ My understanding has always been you can’t dynamically create variables names in AA and can’t refer to them any other way.


It was possible in the old v11 error handler to get a CSV attachment of all the values at runtime but functionality seems to be missing from 360.


if there’s a way of doing it I’d love to see it!

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That V11 functionality is exactly why I am looking for an alternate way in A360. We relied on the V11 error CSVs on an enterprise level for debugging prior to migration, so the fact that A360 dropped the feature is frustrating.


I guess I will keep you posted if I discover any way of accomplishing this.