Custom Error Module Does Not Recognize This Error

  • 17 February 2022
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So i have a scheduled bot that runs unattended and it always got an error when trying to open a tab on browser (internet explorer), so when the bot is opening the tab/link that is supposed to be opened it gave the error "Custom Error Module Does Not Recognize This Error"


i've done my research and i found out that the error resides in the browser cookie/ outlook cookie, but there are no outlook process on the bot and the bot works perfectly fine when runs manually.


if the problem persist after trying to clear the cookie (which is the fix that i read) is there a way for automation anywhere to work around it? in other words to fix the problem within the bot building itself

1 reply

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Hello @David Jansen​ 


Thank you for writing us at the AA forum.


The behavior s already in work with our Products Team and planned to fix in our roadmap version of the product. Tentatively by build version A360.26.


For assistance through our Support Engineers, please reach us via Support case>


You can also check our Live Chat support option, for quick assistance from our engineers>


You can also search for available documentation in>


For more details, you are welcome to leverage our open source portal where multiple use case is available>